Our History

We, Creative Textile Mill (Pvt) Ltd, are a foremost fabric supplier in Sri Lanka, that provides the facilities for modern weaving, printing, dying and finishing. In 1963, Creative was found to financially support the textile market in the country leading to the current management taking over in 1986 who decided to extend to the direct and indirect markets. This move enlarged the operation and we are now also a manufacturer of bed linen and toweling. We are a leading organization in the apparel industry in Sri Lanka and are registered under the board of investments. We employ 650 individuals work all hours and we are committed to providing better services to our customers surpassing other apparel manufacturers. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of current fashion trends and fabrics that match international standards and continue to be a forerunner in the garment industry of Sri Lanka.

Our Process

Our apparel manufacturing includes three main processes which have their own flow of minor processes. The process can be named as Weaving Process takes place at Creative Textile Mills, Dyeing and Printing Process take place at Cliftex and Stitching Process takes place at Rolex.








Our Brands

Our operation produces four brands, namely Creative Textile Mills, Cliftex, Rolex and Halcyon. Each brand provides it’s own unique products and services.

1Creative Textile Mills deals mainly with the process of weaving. We import the yarn and weave and produce the fabric. Through this brand we are dedicated and determined in providing the best and highest quality fabric to both local and international markets.


3Rolex is the brand that stitches garments from the fabric that is processed by Cliftex. We send these finished garments for exports or they are sold to local customers.

2Cliftex is the brand that provides the service of dyeing, printing and packing the fabric that is produced by Creative Textile Mills. Some items that we produce include  flags, uniform material, camouflage material, towels and printing fabric.


4Halcyon is our home furnishing brand producing high quality and durable furnishings garment range such as curtains, blinds, bed-sheets and rugs.