Our fabrics are produced by Creative Textile Mills (Pvt) Ltd. and are made with the finest yarn adhering to best quality standards and is used for dyeing, printing and stitching of garments for export or for sale to local customers as they are in bulk fabric or as readymade items that we also manufacture as listed on this site. We produce Grey Fabric and Finished Fabric in a dazzling array of colours for home furnishings, uniforms, clothing and garments. The fine quality fabrics we provide are well suited to meet the needs of our customers.

Greige Fabric

This is almost always mistaken for a colour instead of a fabric. Grey or Greige fabric as is its original spelling, is unfinished woven fabric and not the colour grey. This fabric is usually made from polyester or cotton. Asia being a large provider of this particular fabric, we strive to be the No. 1 supplier of Grey Fabric not only in Sri Lanka but the entire region.

Finished Fabric

This fabric refers to the woven fabric that has been converted into a usable material such as a garment. Textiles and clothing manufactured with this fabric has an improved look, performance and feel. Techniques such as bleaching and dyeing are used on this fabric and it has increased durability and is resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. This finished fabric is produced by our brand Rolex and is available in various colours and designs.

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Dress Fabric

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