Creative Textile Mills: Products, Fabrics, Exporting and Local sales

Creative Textile Mills: Products, Fabrics, Exporting and Local sales

Production At Creative Textile Mills

Creative Textiles Mills have available a wide variety of products that they manufacture which include uniform material along with readymade school and military uniforms and camouflage material, Buddhist flags, home furnishings which include curtains, bedding, drapes, rugs and pillows, designer bed linen, towels and garments which are marketed to both local and international buyers, and spread across a wide range including sportswear, casual wear, office wear and children’s wear They assure their customers that all of their products are strong, durable and reliable and are made to the highest quality standards. Their magnificent attention to detail in all aspects of their manufacturing is to assure that their customers feel the love and care that has gone into every single detail of their products.

Grey or Greige fabric and Finished fabric are the two main fabrics that are manufactured by Creative Textile Mills using the best yarn according to the best quality standards. Grey fabric is most of the time mistaken for a colour but actually refers to unfinished woven fabric that has not been bleached or dyed. It is generally made from cotton or polyester, while Finished fabric is that which has been converted into usable material or in other words techniques such as bleaching, dyeing and printing have been used on it. This fabric has an improved look and feel. They are made available by the company in bulk fabric or as readymade items. Creative Textile Mills also provides these fabrics in various dazzling colours.

They have a wide local clientele to whom they offer Greige fabrics, Finished fabrics and garments in bulk. Local buyers can assure themselves that a purchase of fabrics or other items from Creative Textile Mills is also a contribution to the development of the Sri Lankan textile industry. Also they are one of the leading fabric exporters in Sri Lanka, they are holders of the Oeko Tex Standard 100 certification further confirming their dedication to textile manufacturing of the highest standards.

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