Creative Textile Mills: Get to know their History, Process and Brands

Creative Textile Mills: Get to know their History, Process and Brands

Introducing Creative Textile Mills

Creative Textile Mills is one of the leading fabric suppliers and apparel suppliers in Sri Lanka, a country with a vibrant and booming textile industry. With its inception in 1963 and new management taking over in 1986, they have made their operations available to a wider clientele by extending to both direct and indirect markets. They are a reliable manufacturer of textiles in Sri Lanka with a registration in the board of investments. They have 650 employees working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide the best quality textiles which are much more strong and durable than that of other manufacturers. They are well equipped and in the know regarding current fashion trends and fabrics that match international standards showing why they are in high demand in the textile industry in Sri Lanka.

Creative uses a six step process in manufacturing their textiles. The warping process, sizing process, weaving process, grey inspection, grey folding and grey loading. Each one of these processes is carefully monitored in order to produce the best product. These processes are also important because of various reasons such as yarn faults being modified, giving yarns higher elasticity, strength and smoothness, holding fabric together and making sure the fabric has no faults and defects.

They produce four different brands which are responsible for manufacturing its own products. They are Creative Textile Mills which is the main brand, and also Cliftex, Rolex and Halcyon. Their main brand Creative is involved with the importing and weaving of the yarn to make fabric. Cliftex dyes, prints and packs the fabric, Rolex stitches garments and also exports and sells to local customers while Halcyon produces home furnishings. Together these brands work  to bring you the best textiles on offer.

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